Typically I find people who use their middle initial all the time to be slightly pretentious, but I have no choice. The other Carmen Russo is a beloved (but retired) actress and nude model in Italy. Carmen J. Russo is a freelance writer studying Journalism, Cultural Anthropology and Media, Culture & Communications Studies at New York University. You’re in the wrong place if you were looking for retro Italian soft-core porn, but you can browse through my work portfolio and hire me for projects instead. Currently, I’m writing for the university blog, NYULocal. I most recently interned with Saveur Magazine and the Modern Luxury publication group, where I was published in the print edition of Manhattan magazine. With experience writing for student news outlets, local daily newspapers and websites covering topics from politics and policy in New York City to society and culture in Prague, I have a wide range of interests. If you’d like to connect with me, please submit through my Contact page or email me at cjr424 at nyu dot edu (unless you’re a bot).

Freelance journalist based in New York City